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Have you seen who is making profit in the cannabis industry? It’s growing and an Oakland nonprofit is willing to share how Black people can get LEGALLY involved. Click here to find out how black people are still targeted by the war on drugs.


On the night of Trump’s inauguration, Ebele Ifedigbo and Lanese Martin formed the idea to start a nonprofit, the Hood Incubator. Its focus will be on training minority groups on how to start up their own legal cannabis businesses. The cannabis industry is expected to do $6.5 billion in sales by 2020. There’s enough for people to take part of the profit, while being able to own a legal business, and also fight against the discrimination from the war on drugs. In 2015, Oakland police were arresting black people almost 20 times more often than white people for crimes involving cannabis. Black people owned less than 5% of cannabis businesses nationwide. Why you think there are only a few Black owners in the cannabis industry? Ownership in the cannabis industry would create new opportunities, businesses, and jobs. Read the article here to see how the Hood Incubator is providing formal business training and opportunities for the misrepresented people of Oakland.

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