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Oakland’s changing demographics (2008-2018)

Poverty and Prosperity: Who is being left out of Oakland’s growth?

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Equity ≠ Equality

Oakland, the home of the Black Panthers gets an F in Equity. Just 30 out of 100. Equity: Everyone ends up...

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Voter Suppression

Crystal Mason, the woman who became the poster child for voter suppression when she was sentenced to five years for...

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Have you noticed how uncomfortable it’s getting to live in Oakland? How many times have you been stopped on your way to your own place? Check this out, Oakland Housing Authority is teaming up with the police to “control” the hood. There’s an Anti-Loitering ordinance that you have to know about! You can risk getting […]

Jobs + Ownership

Have you seen who is making profit in the cannabis industry? It’s growing and an Oakland nonprofit is willing to share how Black people can get LEGALLY involved. Click here to find out how black people are still targeted by the war on drugs.  

Equity + Inclusion

Who’s investing in Oakland? Or more specifically in the historic black districts of East, West and North Oakland? Well the nonprofit Restore Oakland is starting to make some changes. Click here to see how they’re making a way for us to get a fair chance.

Youth + Education

How is it that OUSD is bankrupt? Whose mismanaging the money? And did you know the school district cut a bunch of sports while administrators took raises and teachers got nothing? What about the students? Learn more about how we can stop financial mismanagement and support student achievement and vocational training.

Bart + AC Transit

Did you know it cost $0.50 just get a BART card? And a ride to the Oakland airport will cost you $10? How can families afford that as the school district buses wealthy gentrifier’s kids to schools like Oakland Tech which used to be predominately black? What about all the murders and deaths that have […]

Culture + Preservation

Did you know the Black Panther Party started in Oakland? Do you see the changes in representation at Oakland functions? The culture of Oakland is being dismissed and is slowly getting forgotten. Click here to learn about how Oakland was in the past compared to the gentrified culture that is forming now.

Bikes + Streets + Parks

Have you driven down Telegraph lately? Notice anything different? Pissed about #BBQBecky and #JOGGERJohn? Concerned that we can’t hang out at the Lake? Upset about all the street changes to E.14th, Foothill and Telegraph. Learn more about ways to preserve the culture, expand access and avoid racial profiling.

Police + Safety

Remember those cops who had sex with teenagers, was beating up people in the streets, and planted drugs on them in Oakland? The story is a trip! The settlement was almost $11 million. What’s even worse is what they ended up getting once the story broke. Learn more about how these cops abused innocent people […]

Nightlife + Festivals

When’s the last time you went to an Oakland function and it was actually lit? Remember gettin’ hyphy and letting everyone know what town business is? Click here to find out why Oakland is running out of turnt events and how we can change it.  

Glossary of Terms

Study up on your election lingo.

Absentee Ballot

If you won’t be in Oakland for the election or can’t make it to the polls, you can request an Absentee Ballot that lets you vote by mail.

City Charter

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City Clerk

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City Council

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Affordable Housing

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Area Median Income

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Early Voting

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